From the grower to the consumer

Most of the Lulavs and Etrogs on the market go through many dealers, each of whom takes a percentage. This makes the Lulavs and Etrogs very expensive for the customer. At the EtrogCenter we believe that our customers deserve the best product at the best price. Due to the large size of our company, we buy our Lulavs and Etrogs directly from many different growers who sell large quantities exclusively to us. That way we eliminate the middlemen and can sell Lulavs and Etrogs to you at a savings. At the EtrogCenter we ensure high quality products at lower prices.

The choice growers

At the EtrogCenter we select our growers carefully and do not compromise on the quality of their products. The growers with whom we work own the largest, most exclusive Etrog and Lulav fields in Israel. The Lulavs and Etrogs go through our high standard inspection to ensure our customers get high quality Lulavs and Etrogs. We are one of the largest Lulav and Etrog companies in the world with thousands of satisfied customers who return to us every year knowing that, once again, they will receive first class customer service and the highest quality Lulavs and Etrogs. 

Worldwide Brand

return to us yearly due to our high quality products and efficient service. We give all our customers, in Israel and worldwide, advice and personal support throughout the entire purchase process. At the Etrog Center, we believe that a satisfied customer and especially a customer that profits from our products, will be a loyal customer year after year

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