The Etrog Center takes full responsibility for the quality of our Lulavs and Etrogs. If for some reason they arrive damaged from the shipment process or other causes, the Etrog Center will send you a new shipment before the Sukkot holiday.

The Lulavs and Etrogs will arrive a month to one week before Sukkot based on when it’s best for you.

We make sure that all the Lulavs and Etrogs we send worldwide arrive  at least a week before before Sukkot, giving us time to send a second shipment if there are any problems with the first one. In addition, the Etrog Center has affiliations with warehouses worldwide and therefore we can make sure, that even with short notice, they will arrive at your doorstep before Sukkot.

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Yes, we can also send you Aravot a few days before Sukkot to make sure they are fresh.

We sell the Lulav cases separately.  We even have an option to print the community/company/school  logo on it.

Since the Etrog Center works with many different growers, we have Kashrut certification from various rabbis See our  list online.

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